I've rebooted my blog with Pelican! I've been wanting to refresh the look of my blog for some time. Blogofile has been very good to me, but there seems to be more activity in the Pelican world, including lots of nice themes. So I took a few evenings and played around with Pelican. After seeing how configurable it is and that I could easily keep the existing URLs (at least the important ones) from my Blogofile blog I decided to convert.

I wrote a script to convert my posts to the format Pelican expected. This was quite easy as they both accept reStructuredText and mostly involved updating the metadata that appears at the top of each post. I found the cool Pelican Bootstrap 3 theme by Daan Debie. I even submitted a pull request for it to update how it does pagination. This was my first pull request on GitHub! Achievement unlocked!

I look forward to writing some more blog posts with this platform. I plan on updating the Fabric file with a command to produce a skeleton post template.


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